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Project Description
An LCDSmartie plugin that displays anything being played as an audio spectrum.


Spectrum Display LCDSmartie Plugin 1.0.31.x – SPC.dll

Installation Instructions

Dependencies are BASSWASAPI.dll and BASS.dll included in the zip file. These two files should be copied to the LCDSmartie folder (note: NOT the plugins folder). Thanks to the team at un4seen for these.

Installation of SPC involves copying the SPC.dll and SPC.cfg files to your LCDSmartie plugins folder then editing the LCDSmartie config.ini (or more easily running the setup) and adding lines such as (for a 2 line x16 display):


If you have multiple enabled output sound devices the program may not find the correct one and will just display a line of dashes. This can be resolved in one of two ways:

  • Disable any unused output devices from control Pane/Sound/Playback
  • Switch debug on (see below), run LCDSmartie with a call to SPC included, examine the log file and select the preferred loopback device entry. Then edit the SPC.cfg file and set AudioDevice to this entry number and debug=0.

When the SPC.dll plugin runs it may ceate a log file in the plugins folder:

  • “SPC.log” – a log file if the debug flag is switched on (see below).

There is a configuration file in the Smartie plugins folder called SPC.cfg and it contains:

// Set debug to 1 to get trace information
// If the automatic loopback device detection doesn't work it can be overriden here
// Scaling to apply to the spectrum height if desired.

Usage Instructions

Function 1 Returns the given line of spectrum display
param1=l#n#s where l=line number (1 at bottom, max 4), n=Total number of lines (max 4), s=Smoothness level (1-10) Optional
param2=width (maximum 32) this will be rounded down to the nearest of 4,8,16,32

Example: $dll(SPC,1,1#1,16) or $dll(SPC,1,1#1,4,8)

Function 3 Returns the version number of the code. Example: $dll(SPC,3,,)

Function 4 returns the volume in the range 0-32767. Param 1 is L or R or B (both). Param2 is t#sm where t=0 for linear, 1 for approximate db. sm is smoothing factor (0-256) where 0 is none.

Function 5 is identical to function 4 except that it returns 0-100 which is useful in combination with the tinybar plugin to give a vertical volume display.

Known Limitations

  • The program uses 7 of the 8 available custom characters – no way round this but the user needs to be careful not to mix custom character on the same display. Custom character 8 is not used.
  • The program cannot detect the correct loopback device if multiple loopback devices are enabled. Workarounds for this are given above.

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